Planning is essential for effective and sustainable cultural diversity policies, service delivery and engagement. These resources and tools will assist people undertaking multicultural planning in government and other organisations.


Why is cultural diversity planning important?

  • P1 - Presentation: Why is cultural diversity planning important

    Downloadable presentation on why cultural diversity planning is important.

What is the relevance to your organisation?

  • P2 - Tool: Cultural competency audit for organisations

    A template to conduct an organisational cultural audit.

  • P3 - Guide: What is CALD

    A guide to understanding what is CALD and its relevance to organisations.

  • P4 - Guide: Cultural diversity data collection

    A guide to how you can capture the demographic data of both the internal workforce and external audiences.

What data do we need for planning?

  • P5 - Tool: Collecting internal data on cultural diversity

    A tool to guide your organisation through internal cultural diversity data collection.

  • P6 - Tool: Collecting external data on cultural diversity

    A tool to guide your organisation through external cultural diversity data collection.

How do we connect to the business/planning cycle?

  • P7 - Tool: Planning effective communication

    A template for planning effective communication for organisational projects.

  • P8 - Tool: Cultural diversity in policy

    A tool to guide the consideration of cultural diversity in organisational policy development.

  • P9 - Tool: Co-designing a plan for cultural diversity

    A tool with steps to ensure a successful co-design approach for cultural diversity projects.

  • P10 - Guide: Connecting cultural diversity planning to business planning cycles

    A guide and the accompanying tools to identify what need to be considered in the business/planning cycles, and how your organisation can include diversity considerations across the organisation.

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