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The Language Services division of Multicultural NSW is the largest employer of translators and interpreters in NSW.

With over 40 years’ experience, Multicultural NSW is a respected and well-established partner to multicultural communities across NSW. When it comes to language, we have a deep understanding of context and nuances, ensuring the correct message is conveyed every time.

We provide telephone, face-to-face and video interpreting services, as well as translation services to NSW Government, non-government agencies and the public.

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You will join a team of like-minded individuals who align to Multicultural NSW’s values of respect, inclusion and excellence. We place strong emphasis on building the capability of language services professionals. As an interpreter or translator at Multicultural NSW, you will have access to professional development and mentoring programs to assist you in developing your career. We are committed to upskilling and building the Australian language services sector and our teams are the first to benefit from this.

Using best-practice models and having a culture of innovation and continuous learning and improvement, we are always striving to provide the best service and opportunities for our customers, interpreters and translators.

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In 2022, Multicultural NSW Language Services delivered more than 40,000 language services assignments in 97 languages and dialects.

“I’m grateful to work for Multicultural NSW. The jobs I get are great, there’s diversity in the type of assignments and this has allowed me to expand my areas of specialisation and build my profile as interpreter,”

Ngac Thuy Han Do, Vietnamese interpreter at Multicultural NSW.

“I see interpreting as a lifetime learning process, and this is the beauty of this profession. You learn every day. And it is not only about the language, but also about cultures, social peculiarities and life stories. There is also the sense that I have somehow helped someone, which is not the case in many other jobs,”

Yeva Gershberg, Ukranian interpreter at Multicultural NSW.

Professional development programs

Multicultural NSW offers a strong professional development and mentoring program covering topics such as:

  • consecutive interpreting and note taking
  • introduction to chuchotage interpreting (whispering translations to a client)
  • medical terminology
  • remote interpreting protocols
  • resources and tools for targeted interpreting practice
  • Specialised training on Police, Legal and Court interpreting.

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Award for Multicultural NSW’s interpreters and translators.

On 19 May 2021 the Industrial Relations Commission granted an award for Multicultural NSW’s interpreters and translators. The award came into effect on 1 July 2021 and brought about many significant and beneficial changes including:

  • interpreters and translators being classified based on their NAATI certification level
  • reduction in minimum hours of engagement to ensure competitiveness in the language service industry and greater utilisation of resources.
  • professional development inclusions in the award, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring our interpreters and translators are of the highest quality and are provided with regular support and training to remain at the top of their field
  • enhanced travel and meal payment processes to make it easier for employees to claim allowances.

The modernisation of the Award reflects industry standard and new technologies, established development pathways, ongoing training and improved engagement make Language Services an employer of choice in the sector.

NAATI Support

The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) sets and maintains high national standards for the translating and interpreting sector, and it is the only organisation to issue credentials or certification to people who wish to work in this profession.

NAATI supports Multicultural NSW Language Services’ mission to set and maintain high national standards for the translating and interpreting sector and to ensure the supply of credentialed professionals to respond to the changing needs and demography of Australia’s diverse population.

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