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Join the team delivering onsite, telephone and video interpreting for NSW Government, non-government agencies and the public. We are a respected and well-established team who produce high quality services to multicultural communities across NSW

Our 1,200 language interpreters were involved in translating 3,927 public health documents into 64 languages in the past 12 months to help keep people informed, connected, and engaged.

Chief Executive Officer, Multicultural NSW

Interpreter criteria

We are looking for interpreter candidates who have:

  • NAATI certification at the highest level available for their language.
  • relevant and current work experience, preferably in legal settings.
  • demonstrated knowledge of the AUSIT Code of Ethics.
  • good English skills.
  • a commitment to, or demonstrate, continuing professional development and training.
  • Australian citizenship, permanent resident or temporary resident status with a valid working visa.
  • a current Working with Children Check (WWCC) for paid work.
  • a current driver’s license.

Translator criteria

We are looking for translator candidates who have:

  • experience in translating documents, media releases, transcripts and publications.
  • a keyboard set to type in the language script for translation.
  • the ability to translate at least 3,000 words per day. (All translations to be in an editable format).

And who can:

  • produce quality and accurate translations in accordance with industry standards.
  • use Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PDF).
  • use translation applications.
  • meet specific deadlines.


Translator job vacancies

Currently, there are no vacancies. Register for future job alerts here.

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