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  • Who is eligible for a multicultural award or medal?

    Award and medal categories each have their own specific eligibility criteria. Please ensure you read through the criteria and choose the most fitting category for your nomination.

    How do I submit a nomination for a multicultural award or medal?

    Multicultural NSW houses its awards program on AwardForce, here. You will need to register an account with AwardForce to submit a nomination.

    How many nominations can I submit for multicultural awards or medals?

    There is not a limit to the number of nominations you can make. Submit your nomination via AwardForce and ensure you answer every question within the category you are nominating.

    If I submitted a nomination in a previous year, do I have to resubmit for this year?

    Yes. You must submit a new nomination each year that has up to date information.

    How are the recipients of multicultural awards and medals decided?

    An independent judging panel reviews all entries and scores against category selection criteria.

Page last updated: 14 December 2023 | 12:10 pm

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