Embrace Diversity, Ignite Change: Join the Multicultural Youth Network!

Why join the Multicultural Youth Network?

The Multicultural Youth Network (MYN) is your opportunity to ensure that the voice of young people resonates with the State Government on issues that truly matter to you, your friends, and your community.

In 2023, the NSW Government made a commitment to establish a MYN that would elevate the voices of multicultural young people from across the State and advise the NSW Government on issues impacting young people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

The network will align with the Multicultural NSW Regional Engagement Program (REP), with MYN members also being appointed to a Regional Community Networks (RCNs).

Up to three youth representatives will be appointed from each of the 10 regions across NSW, as outlined in the Regional Engagement Program. The MYN will be co-chaired by the Multicultural NSW Advisory Board Youth representatives.

Amplify your voice and make a difference

Your voice matters, and the Multicultural Youth Network provides a platform for you to be heard. Share your ideas, experiences, and aspirations with a supportive community that values the uniqueness you bring to the table. Together, we can make a positive impact on our community and beyond. Engage in initiatives that promote cultural diversity, social justice, and unity. Be a catalyst for change and contribute to building more inclusive and harmonious communities.

Now is the time to stand together, celebrate diversity, and be the change we want to see in the world. Join the Multicultural Youth Network and be a part of a community that values you for who you are!

Let’s build a future where diversity is not just recognised but celebrated!

Apply today!

Animated outline of youth in a group
  • To apply for the MYN, candidates must satisfy the following:

    • Be aged 18-24 years at the beginning of their term.
    • Be a Citizen OR be permitted to work in Australia.
    • Demonstrate understanding, relationships, lived experience or work experience with cultural diversity.
    • Be actively engaged in and committed to cultural diversity.
    • Hold a current paid working with children check (WWCC) OR be willing to obtain a WWCC.
    • Identify one region in which the candidate lives or works, as the region they would like to represent.
  • Once elected, MYN Members must:

    • Actively participate in Multicultural Youth Network meetings.
    • Actively participate in the Regional Community Network (RCN) meetings.
    • Attend at least three out of four meetings each year of both the MYN and the RCNs.
    • Advise the Chair of each RCN and Multicultural NSW as an agency, on systemic issues affecting young people in their local area or region, in particular matter relating to cultural diversity.
    • Share resources and information across their own networks and communities.
    • Act as an ambassador of the Regional Engagement Program and promote the program across their networks.
    • Continually seek to understand the reality of cultural diversity in NSW and proactively listen to different perspectives and experiences.
    • Treat particular matters discussed before, during or after the Multicultural Youth Network meetings as confidential.
    • Act with professionalism and integrity.
    • Where possible, attend the annual summit of the Regional Engagement Program.
    • Participate in any relevant evaluation of the MYN and Regional Engagement Program.
  • To fulfill obligations as an elected MYN Member, Members must:

    • Support the MYN Chairs, in their roles as Multicultural NSW Advisory Board Youth Representatives.
    • Assist with multicultural events, in particular Multicultural Youth Events.
    • Attend community events and forums, representing Multicultural NSW.
    • Advocate for multiculturalism, cultural diversity and social cohesion.
    • Provide governance and strategic oversight on Multicultural NSW initiatives and broader NSW Government initiatives.
    • Advise Multicultural NSW and the broader NSW Government on issues affecting multicultural young people, including how the NSW government could respond to these issues.
  • MYN applicants will be assessed based on the following criteria:

    1. A commitment to the Multicultural Principles as outlined in the Multicultural NSW Act 2000.
    2. Experience connecting and working with youth from diverse cultures and faiths, and also in building community networks.
    3. The ability to think critically, be objective and make a constructive contribution.
    4. The ability to drive outcomes and achieve results.
    5. A high-level understanding of cross-cultural issues.
    6. Ability to provide leadership to increase interfaith and inter-cultural activities.
    7. A commitment to interfaith and inter-cultural dialogue.
    8. An understanding and ability to manage conflicts of interest.

    View and download the Position Description

  • Access the application form here

    Ensure that all eligibility criteria and requirements are understood before proceeding.

    Complete the application form

    Complete all sections of the nomination form accurately.
    Provide detailed information about qualifications, experiences, and any supporting documents as specified.

    Review and confirmation

    Review the completed application form to ensure all information is accurate and complete.
    Confirm that all necessary supporting documents are attached.

    Submit application form

    Submit the completed application form online, following the instructions.
    Ensure the submission is made within the specified deadline.

  • After application submission

    Application review

    The selection committee will thoroughly review all received applications.
    Each application will be assessed based on the outlined criteria.


    Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further assessments or interviews.


    All applicants will receive confirmation that their application has been received.
    Shortlisted candidates will be informed of their status and the next steps in the process.


    Shortlisted candidates may undergo additional assessments or interviews, either in person, via phone, or virtually.

    Final Decision

    The selection committee will make the final decision based on the evaluation process.


    Successful candidates will be officially announced , and unsuccessful candidates will be notified respectfully.

    Orientation and onboarding

    Successful candidates will be provided with orientation details and necessary onboarding information.

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