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Our diversity brings unlimited strengths

NSW has a proud history of cultural diversity. We see this diversity as a social and economic advantage. Diversity builds an inclusive society, enlarges our economy and talent pool, boosts productivity and encourages innovation. The diversity of our people brings unlimited strengths.

More than 2.3 million people (2,362,364) in NSW (29.3 per cent of our population) were born in more than 300 (312) other countries. 50.3 per cent of NSW residents have at least one of their parents born overseas. We have more than 250 ancestries and speak more than 280 languages at home.

Based on 2021 Census data

NSW was the first Australian state, and only the second jurisdiction in the world, to enshrine multicultural principles in legislation. It is critical that the views and concerns of all people are heard in government decision-making processes and that everyone has equal access to government services.

Our aim is to provide people from all backgrounds the opportunity to fully participate in our social, economic and political system, knowing it enriches NSW overall.

Social cohesion and harmony are essential to a thriving NSW community. Community organisations are the lifeblood of culturally diverse communities across our great state. Multicultural NSW connects and unites people, building on our population’s strengths and growing capability within communities and across sectors.

We can help you and your community through:

  • connections – we work with many organisations and individuals from culturally diverse communities across Australia.
  • interpreting and translating services to ensure your messages are understood across the community in more than 100 languages 24hours a day/7days a week.
  • supporting intercultural and interfaith initiatives that promote and understand cultural and religious diversity and social harmony.
  • supporting initiatives that respond to community issues through our Regional Engagement Program.
  • grants for events, community projects and activities that foster community engagement, build community harmony and social cohesion.
  • scholarships to become an interpreter or translator.
  • events – each year, we celebrate and recognise the important contribution of culturally diverse communities by holding events and awards including the Premier’s Harmony Dinner, multicultural community medals, communication awards and honour roll.

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