Regional Engagement Program

Our impact is powerful when we work together as a community

Our Regional Engagement Program (REP) covers the whole of NSW based on various communities of location both in Metropolitan and Regional areas of NSW. The program aims to build wide-reaching, strong relationships with and between communities across the state.

We recognise the importance of connecting and understanding the needs of our community. We want to widen our engagement with new and emerging communities, young people, First Nations communities, and the whole community across the State.

We have developed a program that will foster improved collaboration, build community harmony and promote social cohesion. The issues we hear about and the sentiment we collect will inform NSW Government policy and strategy relating to cultural diversity, social cohesion and the ongoing development of our communities.

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Be REPresented

There are several ways to get involved in the Multicultural NSW Regional Engagement Program (REP):

  1. Regional listening tour
  2. Regional community networks (RCNs)
  3. Joint regional forums
  4. Topical roundtable discussions
  5. Capacity building sessions
  6. Digital engagement
  7. Annual regional summit

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