Translations and transcripts

Multicultural NSW provides gold-standard, accurate and secure translations and is the preferred choice for government, funded organisations and community groups.
We provide key translation services to help you communicate and engage effectively and smarter with your customers who speak another language.
As the leading government translation agency with more than 40 years’ experience, we offer professional translations in more than 100 languages, including the top ten languages and -new and emerging languages.

All our translations are completed by NAATI certified translators in Australia.

Multicultural NSW translates a range of written information including:

  • Government related translations
  • Website translations
  • Promotional and advertising material (brochures, press ads, social media content)
  • Specialised translations (e.g. legal, medical and technical documents)
  • Personal documents
  • Digital material and applications.

Other services that we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Translation proofreading
  • Professional typesetting
  • Post-editing of machine translations
  • Accurate and reliable multilingual transcription services from both audio and visually recorded material
  • Voice recordings in languages other than English
  • Affidavits.


We have extensive experience working across various government and non-government agencies, industries and multicultural communities.
Talk to us about your translation needs so we can provide expert services for your industry.

  • Multicultural NSW translates personal official documents into English, or from English to another language.

    You will need to visit a Service NSW Centre to submit the material for translation.

    Personal documents which can be translated through Service NSW include:

    • driver licences
    • birth certificates
    • baptismal certificates
    • identity documents
    • death certificates
    • divorce certificates
    • passport
    • marriage certificates
    • military service records
    • police/justice records.

    For all other personal documents and full translations please see ‘Additional Personal Documents’.

    How to get personal documents translated:

    1. download and complete the Translation Lodgement Form
    2. attach additional information using the Additional Information Form if applicable
    3. find your local Service NSW Centre and book an appointment
    4. attend your appointment with the documents to be translated and your payment.

    What you will need if getting personal documents translated:

    • completed Translation Lodgement Form
    • original or certified documents for translation
    • payment receipt or funds for payment.
  • Multicultural NSW, through Service NSW Centres, accepts payments using:

    • cash (for exceptions see where cash payments are not accepted)
    • cheque (personal or bank)
    • credit or debit card
      • MasterCard
      • Visa
      • American Express (not available at all locations)
      • UnionPay
      • Diners Club
      • EFTPOS
    • money order.

    You can review transaction payment options on the Service NSW payment methods page.

  • If you’re a permanent resident who receives Centrelink benefits, you may be able to get your document translated for free.

    You should contact Multicultural NSW directly to submit a document.

  • You can choose a turnaround time of:
    • Express service is a 24-hour turnaround plus 2 business days for postage delivery or
    • 7 business days service plus 5-7 business days for postage delivery
    The translation cost will depend on which turnaround time you choose.

    Please note:

    • Turnaround time does not include the time it takes for translated documents to be mailed to you
    • Translation collection from the Multicultural NSW Parramatta office is available for express service only.
  • Multicultural NSW also provides full translations of personal documents and other types of documents.

    Examples include, but are not limited to:

    • driving records
    • educational qualifications
    • employment records
    • legal documents
    • medical documents
    • technical documents
    • letters

    You can submit your documents for translation at Service NSW or contact us for a quote.

  • We offer standard pricing for translation of extracts of common documents, such as driver’s licences and birth certificates. For these translations, critical information – such as name, date of birth and place of birth – are extracted and translated.

    • Price for ~100 word document extract translation (7 business day* turnaround): $80.00
    • Price for ~100 word document extract translation (Express Service** turnaround): $105.00
    • Prices for other documents vary based on word count:
      • First 200 words (or part of) $155.00
      • 201 – 800 words (per 100 words) $58.00
      • 801 – 2499 words (per 100 words) $52.70
      • The above prices for longer documents are for a 7 business day turnaround. For express service, please add an additional $19.40 to the total cost.

    *7 Business Day Service: (7 business days for translation + 2-5 business days regular post)
    **Express Service: 1-2 business days (+ up to 1-2 business days Express post)

    Note: Express post is only available for express service assignments.

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Language Advice

When communicating with multicultural communities, context and understanding nuances are essential to ensuring the correct message is conveyed. Multicultural NSW is a trusted and well-established partner of multicultural communities across NSW.

Drawing on our in-depth knowledge and understanding, we offer a bespoke consultancy service across policy, community engagement, crisis communications and multicultural messaging for government and corporate clients.

As the lead agency in implementing and promoting the policy and legislative framework relating to inclusivity, connectedness and social cohesion, we offer leading insights about creating an inclusive experience for everyone across NSW.

For more information contact us.

Why choose Multicultural NSW Language Services?

  • Australian based NAATI Certified translators
  • Well respected and trusted partner to multicultural communities across NSW
  • Streamlined, digital enabled processes make engaging with us quick and easy
  • As a NSW government agency, you can be assured of the highest data security and compliance standards
  • Specialist translators in legal and community translations
  • Complimentary advice about the best ways to engage with your multicultural communities

Translation Advice

Multicultural NSW can provide best practice guidelines to assist government agencies and funding organisations in preparing written material for translation.

Effective communication means your target audience, customer or multicultural communities will effectively receive and understand the intended message. Writing for translation is an important element of an agency’s effective communication and engagement strategy.

We have included some tips to help you below:

Write in plain English

Plain English is recommended for documents that will be translated. Plain English takes complex language and makes it as plain as possible without changing the meaning. This will help your customer find and understand information regardless of their ability, age, language etc.

Test your translation

To help you reach diverse audiences or customers, it is helpful to include readability testing of your translation. There are tools that can be used to help you assess if your content is in plain English.

Some free tools include:
Hemingway App

Keep it simple

When writing your message use simple and jargon free language. Do not use acronyms. If you need to introduce an acronym or term, explain the term first, then add the acronym. Use visuals or pictures to convey complex messages where appropriate. For more advice on best practice for writing for translation please contact [email protected]


NSW Government Langage Services Guidelines 


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