NSW Faith Affairs Council

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN  for the NSW Faith Affairs Council

Nominations are now open for membership in the new NSW Faith Affairs Council (‘the Council’).

The Council is established to improve the NSW Government’s understanding and competency in relation to policies, programs and services that affect religious communities and people of faith in New South Wales.

The Council is established under Section 11 of the Multicultural NSW Act 2000 as standing committee of Multicultural NSW.

There will be a maximum of 16 Council members. To the best extent possible, the Council’s membership will reflect the religious diversity of NSW. To this end, 12 members of the Council will be determined by a nomination and appointment process based on the most recent Census data relating to religious diversity in NSW. Four members will be appointed by an open application and selection process.

Nominations will be assessed and members appointed on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrated respect, influence and status within their respective religious communities or relevant specialised field.
  2. Demonstrated commitment to inter-faith cooperation, inclusion and diversity, and the Multicultural Principles (established as the policy of the State under the Multicultural NSW Act 2000).
  3. Demonstrated understanding of NSW Government policy issues that affect a range of religious communities.
  4. Endorsement by their respective religious organisations.
  5. Endorsement by at least two religious organisations from other religious communities.

Successful nominees will be recommended to, and formally appointed by, the Minister for Multiculturalism as Council members. Council members will have an initial 12-month term, with the opportunity for reappointment for a maximum of up to four years. A review of the Council, including the Terms of Reference, will be undertaken after one year.

A Council member can be removed by the Minister following a recommendation of a majority of the Council, or by the Minister directly.
Council members are volunteers and are not paid sitting fees.

To nominated for membership in the Council, please download and complete the nomination form and submit it via email to Multicultural NSW at [email protected].

Nominations must be submitted no later than 5.00pm on Friday 22 September, 2023.

Please contact Multicultural NSW at [email protected] if you require more information.

Download the nomination form here

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