Interpreting Services

We offer onsite face-to-face interpreting of spoken information from one language to another.

This can be for health situations, legal matters, police investigations, community interviews, license testing, education situations, workshops and seminars – in individual or client-group interviews.

Our face-to-face interpreting services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We employ interpreters and translators who are certified by the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). This makes sure our interpreters and translators have a high level of skills, training and professionalism.

Multicultural NSW Interpreters

Our team of NAATI-certified interpreters and translators are highly trained and experienced professionals.

They follow a strict code of conduct and are employed by Multicultural NSW. As an employer, we are committed to attracting language services professionals and providing ongoing professional development to build the capabilities necessary to ensure the delivery of accurate, accessible and responsive services.

How face-to-face interpreting works

Face-to-face interpreting facilitates communication and connectivity with people talking in different languages. There are different ways in which interpreting services can be delivered including face-to-face, video and telephone interpreting.

There are two main ways of interpreting:

  • Consecutive interpreting, where the interpreter listens to large segments, takes notes, and then interprets when the speaker pauses
  • Simultaneous interpreting, where the interpretation happens while listening to the source language at the same time. This is especially common in courts and at conferences.

We have expertise amongst our diverse panel of interpreters to deliver high quality, accurate interpreting services to suit your specific needs.

Languages and dialects we support

Our interpreting services offer 120 different languages and dialects to service NSW communities.


For information on Multicultural NSW interpreting services fees, please contact us.

Fee exemptions

In exceptional circumstances, fees for some services may be waived – please refer to the ‘Guidelines for fee exemption’ for further information or contact us to discuss.

Why choose Multicultural NSW Language Services?

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Well respected and trusted partner to multicultural communities across NSW 

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Streamlined, digital-enabled processes make engaging with us quick and easy 

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As a NSW agency, you can be assured of the highest data security and compliance standards 

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Specialist legal and medical interpreters 

Complementary advice about the best ways to engage with your multicultural communities  

List of languages and dialects we can interpret and translate:

Aceh/Acehnese Fanti  Mende
Akan (Twi)  Fiji Hindi (Fijian Hindustani) Nepalese 
Albanian  Fijian  Norwegian 
Amharic  Filipino (Tagalog) Pashto 
Anuak  Finnish  Persian (Farsi) 
Arabic  French  Pidgin English 
Armenian  Fulfulde  Polish 
Assyrian  Ga  Portuguese 
Auslan (Australian deaf sign language)  German  Pukapukan 
Bengali/Bangla  Greek Pulaar
Bielorussian Gujarati Punjabi
Bosnian Hassaniyya  Rohingya
Bulgarian Hazaragi  Romanian
Burmese Hebrew Russian
Chaldean Hindi S'gaw Karen
Cebuano Hindustani Samoan
Chin-Falam  Hungarian Serbian
Chin-Hakka Ilonggo Sierra Leone
Chin-Khumi Indonesian Sinhalese
Chin-Mara Italian  Slovak
Chin-Matu  Japanese  Slovene 
Chin-Mizo  Kannada  South Azerbaijani 
Chin-Muun (Mindat) Khmer  Spanish 
Chin-Tedim  Kinyarwanda  Sudanese Arabic
Chin-Zotung Kirundi (Rundi, Urund)  Swahili (Kiswahili)
Chinese  Korean  Tamil 
Chinese - Cantonese  Krio  Temne 
Chinese - Chiu Chow Kurdish Thai 
Chinese - Fuzhou  Kurdish (Kurmanji)  Tibetan
Chinese - Hakka Kurdish (Sorani)  Tigrinya 
Chinese - Hokkien Kurdish Souther (Feyli) Tok Pisin (Pidgin Png)
Chinese - Mandarin Lao Tongan 
Chinese - Min Nan Lingala  Turkish 
Chinese - Shanghainese Macedonian  Twi 
Cook Islands Maori  Madi  Ukrainian 
Croatian  Malay  Urdu
Czech  Malayalam  Vietnamese 
Dari  Maltese  West African Pidgin English 
Dinka  Mauritian Creole  Zo (Zomi) 
Estonian Mongolian 
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