Why is cultural diversity engagement important?

  • E1: Why is cultural engagement important?

    Presentation on why engagement is important for cultural diversity.

What does engagement look like?

  • E2: Developing an appropriate engagement approach

    A tool to identify the appropriate approach to engagement and participation: Engagement, Purpose and Scoping, Stakeholder Mapping and Identifying an Approach.

  • E3: Developing an appropriate engagement approach

    A guide and tool to assist in contextual analysis and identifying the best approach to engagement for any given activity.

  • E4: Engaging new and emerging communities

How do we engage internally and externally?

  • E5 Promoting diversity internally

    A tool that focuses on the promotion of diversity on a macro and micro level throughout an organisation.

  • E6: Communicating with CALD audiences

    A tool provides successful methods of communication with culturally diverse communities to support organisational practices.

  • E7: CALD Staff recruitment and retention

    A resource to assist in building culturally competent practices, developing the capacity of the workforce through CALD staff recruitment and retention.

  • E8: Building partnerships with CALD organisations

    A tool that focuses on developing relationships with external culturally diverse structures. This builds upon the knowledge from 'External Data Collection' in the Planning section of the toolkit.

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