Multicultural Training Program

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Multicultural NSW will be launching a new fee for service multicultural training program for NSW Government and non-government sectors later in 2021. Following the success of a pilot program in 2020, we are also planning to provide a service to develop tailor made training for organisations to be delivered at the workplace.

Objectives of the multicultural training program are:

  • To increase cross-cultural competence
  • To build knowledge, skills and capabilities when delivering services to multicultural communities
  • To focus on recruitment and leadership to enhance a multicultural workforce

Based on extensive market research of the training needs of the NSW Government and non-government sectors, for the first 12 months of the program the following five key areas of interest will be the focus of our training program:

  • Introduction to cultural competency
  • Working effectively with interpreters
  • Multicultural engagement and communication
  • Multicultural planning
  • Leadership in cultural diversity

If you have any questions about the upcoming training program please email training@multicultural.nsw.gov.au or 02 8255 6818.