Why is cultural diversity important in service delivery?

  • S1: Servicing culturally diverse clients checklist

    A checklist to audit your current capacity to service culturally diverse clients and identify areas for improvement.

  • S2: Why is culturally appropriate service delivery important

    A presentation on why cultural diversity is important in service delivery.

  • S3: Importance of cultural diversity in service delivery

    A guide on why effective service delivery requires delivering services people need, in the way they would like and need to access them. This will vary according to culture.

What are the implications for our Service Delivery?

  • S4: What's your assumption of normal service delivery?

    A questionnaire based on your assumption of 'normal' service delivery to identify the key differences and think about how you need to adapt to the identified issues.

  • S5: Training and capability development

    A checklist to identify your current training and capability development state and identify any gaps with next steps in the process.

  • S6: Hiring for diversity checklist

    A checklist and associated tips to help your organisation review hiring and promotion practices.

  • S7: Defining our target markets

    A checklist to determine you are on the right path to defining your organisation target markets.

  • S8: Culturally appropriate Service Delivery

    A guide on how an organisation must participate and understand the most culturally appropriate forms of service delivery it can provide.

Communication and capability to respond

  • S9: Working with translators

    A checklist to assist in guiding your organisation to successfully work with interpreters who are people who provide oral (spoken) translation services.

  • S10: Working with interpreters

    A checklist and guide to guide your organisation to successfully work with interpreters who are people who provide oral (spoken) translation services.

  • S11: Reaching out to culturally diverse customers

    A template with questions to help consider your audience and how your organisation can best reach culturally diverse clients.

  • S12: Meeting needs of culturally diverse customer base

    A checklist to assist you in assessing your service meeting the needs of a culturally diverse client base.

  • S13: Communication and capability to respond

    A guide for client service delivery dependent on effective, succinct and inclusive communication at all levels.

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