Why is Leadership for Cultural Diversity important?

  • L1: Culturally capable leadership audit

    A tool to help leaders assess their level of cultural capability.

  • L2: Championing Diversity

    A tool with questions to understand your current level of 'championing' of diversity and tips will help you build an action plan.

  • L3: Why is leadership for cultural diversity important

    A presentation on why leadership is important for cultural diversity.

  • L4: Importance of leadership in cultural diversity

    A guide to why leadership is a key factor to successful cultural diversity planning and outcomes.

What is the business case for Cultural Diversity?

  • L5: Where are we now

    A tool to help identify where your organisation sits in terms of cultural capability and delivering multicultural plans.

  • L6: Making the business case

    A series of questions to help your organisation document the business case for diversity, including connecting plans to strategic and organisational drivers and visibly committed to by organisational leadership.

  • L7: Making the business case guide

    A guide to building your organisational business case for cultural diversity.

How do we champion Cultural Diversity?

  • L8: Recognition for achieving cultural diversity

    A tool will help your organisation recognise and celebrate good performance. Highlighting good performance and publicly ensuring leadership endorsement sends a strong message through the organisation on what works and what is valued. It also sets aspirational targets for others to strive for and contributes to a culture of inclusion and high performance.

  • L9: Leveraging diversity

    A tool to answer the questions to understand and leverage the diversity of your team, with suggestions to help build an action plan.

  • L10: Championing cultural diversity

    A guide and tools to assist in identifying and supporting champions of cultural diversity in your organisation.

How do we talk about Cultural Diversity?

  • L11: Tips for talking about cultural diversity

    Simple tips to make sure you demonstrate how to engage with diverse groups leading by example for your organisation/department.

  • L12: Familiarity with key terms

    A tool to assist you in understanding and having the capacity to 'talk about' culture.

  • L13: How do we talk about cultural diversity

    A guide and accompanying tools to encourage discussion and engagement with the key principles of cultural diversity within the organisation, including recognising culture as an element of organisational development.

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