Boutros (Peter) Indari

Boutros (Peter) Indari was one of the first and lasting founders and pillars of the Lebanese community in Australia. He was the first professional Arabic journalist in Australia and a pioneer of Arabic media. He founded El Telegraph in 1974 and later An Nahar in 1978. His work on the An Nahar is held in the State Library, a collection of papers compiled over 20 years. Peter’s dedication to journalism and writing was inspired by his commitment to serving the community and helping Australian Lebanese and Arabic-speakers as well as other migrant communities to settle and integrate into Australian society. Through his writing, Peter encouraged his readers to remember their roots and cherish the positive aspects of their heritage and at the same time to appreciate the Australian way of life. Peter promoted Australia and its multicultural society through the three books he authored and through talks and seminars, which he delivered in Australia and internationally.

His very proud and beloved wife, Lamia Indari, received the award on his behalf.

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