2022 Premier’s Multicultural Communications Awards

About the Awards

The NSW Premier’s Multicultural Communications Awards (PMCAs) recognise excellence in the multicultural media and marketing industry.

NSW is one of the most successful Multicultural states in the world and it is important to celebrate the benefits of our diversity. The PMCAs acknowledge the important role marketing and media professionals play in communicating this success.

The PMCAs recognise the valuable contribution multicultural media and marketing make to our society by connecting people to their culture, identity, and language. These awards celebrate and recognise the important role journalists, editors and publishers in text, radio, television and digital media play. They also honour innovative and creative marketing campaigns that inspire social cohesion and community harmony.

If you have any questions on the entry process, please email: awards@multicultural.nsw.gov.au.

Winners of the 2022 Premier's Multicultural Communications Awards

    • Finalist: MWA – Muslim Women Australia
    • Finalist: Pawan Luthra, Ekta Sharma
    • Finalist: Healthwise NENW/HNECCPHN


    MWA – Muslim Women Australia – ON PURPOSE is a campaign based on a podcast, primarily aimed at Muslim communities to increase awareness and education about domestic and family violence, agency of Muslim women, and advocacy in the family and on a community level more generally. Podcast discussions covered the topics of family cohesion, advocacy of Muslim women, concepts of masculinity, and the effects of discrimination in the Muslim community. Podcasts were made available as whole episodes, as well as short snippets on various social media platforms.

    • Finalist: SBS Insight “Intimate Terrorism”
    • Finalist: Omar Dehen/SBS World News
    • Finalist: My Bilingual Family, SBS


    SBS Insight “Intimate Terrorism” – After many horrific murders of women and children, there is a groundswell of support in Australia to make coercive control a criminal act. Coercive control is a significant red flag of domestic abuse and a precursor to family homicide and violence. Insight’s Intimate Terrorism episode asks, what is coercive control and should it be criminalised? At the time of production and broadcast, NSW was undertaking a parliamentary inquiry into criminalising coercive control and Queensland was considering how to amend laws to make coercive control a crime.

    • Finalist: Hana Yassin, SBS Arabic24
    • Finalist: Mobinah Ahmad, AMUST
    • Finalist: Pawan Luthra, Rajni Anand Luthra


    Pawan Luthra, Rajni Anand Luthra – ‘Federal Election 2022: Dead Heat’ is a series of text reports in Indian Link’s coverage of the elections. The text report was part of a much larger campaign to provide crucial information to Indian-Australian voters, especially those voting for the first time.

    • Finalist: LOUD and Identity Communications
    • Finalist: ETCOM – 2021 Census CALD Campaign
    • Finalist: CulturalPulse


    LOUD and Identity Communications – The Number that Changed My Life, a campaign from the NSW Government’s Office of Responsible Gambling, was designed to directly address individual CALD communities where problems with gambling are prevalent. LOUD was engaged by the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling to conduct developmental research and produce all CALD creative assets. Identity Communications was engaged to develop the communications strategy for the campaign, including the media and community engagement strategy, planning and media buying.

    • Finalist: NSW Department of Customer Service, NSW Health & MHCS, UM/Identity, Etcom
    • Finalist: SBS
    • Finalist: Burwood Council


    NSW Department of Customer Service, NSW Health & MHCS, UM/Identity, Etcom – In August 2021, the COVID-19 Delta outbreak was spreading across NSW. To help drive a rapid uptake of vaccinations, UM/Identity and Etcom launched the ‘Let’s Do This’ COVID-19 vaccination campaign. Developed by the NSW Department of Customer Service in partnership with NSW Health and NSW the Multicultural Health Communication Service, this was one of the largest and most critical public health advertising campaigns ever delivered in the state. The campaign platform was designed inclusively from the outset to ensure it resonated clearly with CALD communities.

  • Winner

    South Eastern Community Connect – South Eastern Community Connect (SECC) launched a campaign to re-activate the South East Sydney multicultural community after two years of lockdowns and mental health struggles relating to COVID-19. After many months confined to homes under lockdown restrictions with curfews and regulations, there was a need for a community celebration of newfound freedoms. They launched a campaign to re-activate Jack Mundey Reserve in Eastlakes – a huge, newly developed park in the centre of numerous social housing estates.

    • Finalist: Maram Ismail – SBS Arabic24
    • Finalist: National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters Council (NEMBC MEDIA)
    • Finalist: Indian Link Radio


    National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters Council (NEMBC MEDIA) – The audio is a 5-minute news bulletin produced in over 28 languages daily since May 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria & recently in NSW. The daily news is broadcast on community radio stations 75 times a week in Victoria and 32 times a week in NSW. The multilingual news service has been able to reach millions of culturally and linguistically diverse communities through radio broadcasts and innovative online strategies.

    • Finalist: Australian Tamil Broadcasting Corporation – COVID9 Awareness and Vaccine Uptake Campaign
    • Finalist: RusTalk TV
    • Finalist: Plus61J Media


    Plus61J Media – This short film series comprised of three documentaries showcasing the resilience of the Sydney Jewish community during the Covid pandemic. Published under the title of Covid Courage: Stories of Sydney Jewry, the series of documentaries provides three very different faces of the Jewish community. They profile the many ways in which Jewish people and their communities grappled with the pandemic and associated restrictions on everyday life. More than anything else, they illustrated the positive, life affirming choices made during this challenging time.

    • Finalist: SBS Ukrainian & SBS Russian
    • Finalist: SBS Dari / SBS Pashto
    • Finalist: Indian Link Media Group
    • Finalist: The Greek Herald / Ο Ελληνικός Κήρυκας


    SBS Dari / SBS Pashto – A special series of 12 articles and podcasts in Dari and Pashto called ‘Life in Australia’ was conceptualised and commissioned to meet the needs of the sudden humanitarian intake from Afghanistan in August 2021. More than 4,000 people were evacuated to Australia in a ten-day airlift from Kabul and more than sixteen thousand visas have been set aside by the Australian government over coming years for people from Afghanistan. The series of 12 podcasts and articles summarises what a new arrival could need in-language to ‘feel at home’ in Australia – covering issues such as housing, education, employment, immigration, buying a car etc.

    • Finalist: Suzy Monzer
    • Finalist: Boushra Elkheir
    • Finalist: Iqra Saeed, Indian Link


    Boushra Elkheir – Boushra Elkheir is a fourth year Law and Journalism Student at the University of Technology, Sydney. She dedicated her major capstone Journalism assignment to something she holds dear, her community. Her documentary, Covid in the West, highlighted what life was like in Western Sydney during Sydney’s lockdown in 2021. This documentary captured the day-to-day activities of the multicultural community in Western Sydney and shed a light on the community’s reactions to imposed restrictions when compared to Sydney’s East and North.

    • Finalist: Rhea L Nath
    • Finalist: Andriana Simos
    • Finalist: Mikala Theocharous


    Rhea L Nath – A journalist for multicultural media and a reporter for a small-to-medium business news website, 26-year-old Rhea L Nath describes herself as a writer, editor, and content creator. From literary publishing and poetry to video editing and journalism, her varied interests boil down to a passion for sharing stories

  • Mimi Chau / Asian Media Centre

    Mimi has had extensive experience in media and communications for over 30 years. She has worked for both print and electronic media, including for South China Morning Post, Sing Tao Newspaper, SBS, ABC Asia Pacific, CCTV International and Xinhua News Agency Sydney Bureau as a journalist/correspondent. Mimi is an award-winning journalist, having worked for the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. She is the Director of the Asian Media Centre and Founder and Production Director of Australia Asia Film Group.

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