Please see completed items below:

Quote content block | Change the quote content block size. Currently the ‘pull-out quote’ content block is large on the website. SLT have asked if we can add a feature to make the size of quote adjustable?
1. Add toggle option for quote text size – Quote content block now has small, medium and large (default) options

Image resizing | Can we please add a feature to change the size, layout and placement of featured images on the website?
We have added a new block called Wrapped Text with the three image size options and left/right align options (We didn’t add a centre align option as this looked horrible).

Request a quote form | Remember how we change the ‘language dropdown’ for the ‘Request a quote’ form? It only changed for translations and transcripts. Can we please have the other sections of the form change to the same, freeform text box? See below screenshots
Request a quote form has now had the field changed to text and the salesforce plugin updated to handle the change. Can you please perform some testing on the form to make sure all is working correctly?

Issues with adding and viewing events |
1. When an event is published, the ‘view event website’ feature that is built into WP does not work and brings the user back to the listing within our website. Is there a way this can be changed so that it can go to a nominated site? I’ve tried dropping the event website link into features within the event calendar, but it doesn’t work. – Fixed

Page last updated: 28 July 2023 | 8:50 am