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MediaLink - Multicultural Press Monitoring

Multicultural NSW is pleased to announce the launch of its enhanced MediaLink portal. The new portal went live on Monday 24 April 2017. It is built on the latest technology, is more reliable and has increased features including social media monitoring and automatic email reminders based on your selected criteria, to name a few.

With already a quarter of our population born overseas and migration from non-English speaking nations on the rise, MediaLink plays a unique and critical role in capturing information, viewpoints and opportunities within the diverse Australian community. However, multicultural media is not always readily available and accessible to the general public due to language barriers and limited/no circulation in non-metropolitan areas.

MediaLink breaks down the barriers of languages, circulation and geography by providing you with reports that are newsworthy and made available usually within one working day of the publication of the multicultural newspapers. MediaLink articles cover a large number of issues of major publications in language groups in Australia per week including Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Greek,  Italian, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

MediaLink offers a broad range of reports including news, editorial comments and opinions, business features, political cartoons, community events, media releases and advertisements of government agencies, parliamentarians and political parties.

Subscription to MediaLink is available on a long term or short term basis. Want to try MediaLink? Contact Multicultural NSW MediaLink Administrator on (02) 8255 6735 or for further information