Dr William Chiu, born in Malaysia, was highly respected for his contribution to the China-Australia relationship over many decades. A successful businessman, leader and organiser, he remained a down-to-earth figure whose willingness to help others was inspirational.

Educated in Australia and New Zealand, he gained two master’s degrees in chemistry and commerce, and received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Western Sydney. Since 2000, he worked as a volunteer with several community service organisations in NSW, especially those dedicated to promoting relationships between Australia and China.

William played an important role in developing economic and cultural exchanges between NSW and China, and he was an honorary life member of the NSW Parliament Asia Pacific Friendship Group and also a member of the NSW Government Asia Business Advisory Council from 2003, helping to promote trade with Guangdong province and providing advice on business opportunities to strengthen NSW’s competitiveness in Asia.

A noted philanthropist, he took a keen interest in culture, education, religion, social welfare and disaster relief. In 2010, he was awarded the Quong Tart Lifetime Achievement Award in Community Service in the NSW Premier’s Chinese Community Service awards.

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