Malaemie Fruean OAM is one of Multicultural NSW’s new Advisory Board members. This is her story.

I’m from Whangārei, the North Island in New Zealand. I have been living in Australia now for 38 years. I have five children and thirteen grandchildren.

Community service is something I’ve always been very passionate about. It’s this passion for social justice and community capacity building that led me to become an active community member.

My husband and I have both worked and served in the community in both a voluntary and professional capacity for the past three decades.

Before joining Multicultural NSW’s Advisory Board, I served on several advisory councils and currently manage the Southwest Multicultural and Community Centre and serve as Chairperson of NSW Council for Pacific Communities.

I was humbled to receive the Order of the Medal of Australia in 2021 in recognition for my service with the Pacifica communities in NSW over the years.

My recent work with the Pacific Seasonal Program has taken me across NSW to build strong networks in the regional areas through the Community Connections Program.

On my travels, I encourage people to be proud of their culture and engage in the beautiful diversity that we have in NSW.

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