Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Message from the Chief Executive Officer
Message from the Chief Executive Officer

For over forty years, Multicultural NSW has advocated for our State’s diverse communities. We have engaged with community at the grassroots and fostered relationships to ensure government agencies, service providers and the private sector are understanding and aware of the needs of all people of NSW.

Now at the helm as the new CEO, I am proud to continue steering Multicultural NSW towards being an example that our communities are proud of and that the rest of the world respects. We are an organisation that recognises diversity as our state’s greatest asset. We will strive towards and continue to build a socially cohesive, harmonious and resilient multicultural society.

Multicultural NSW will:

  • ensure that multicultural principles are embedded in NSW government policy and programs
  • keep abreast of multicultural issues by actively listening and engaging with communities
  • help communities build capacity and resilience through partnerships and grants programs
  • provide interpreting and translating services
  • celebrate multicultural achievements and promote the benefits of our State's cultural and linguistic diversity.

Our Strategic Priorities in Community, Language and Capability together focus our energies to ensure our remit to build and maintain a cohesive and harmonious multicultural society is realised.

Joseph La Posta
Chief Executive Officer