Our Purpose, Vision and Principles

Our Purpose, Vision and Principles
Our Purpose, Vision and Principles

Multicultural NSW promotes community harmony and social cohesion in one of the most culturally diverse states in the world.

We come from more than 307 ancestries, speak 215 languages and dialects, and follow 148 different religious beliefs. Find out more about our community diversity here.

Our vision is for a stronger NSW, using our cultural diversity as a vehicle to achieve cultural and economic prosperity.

We are driven by three key principles:

  1. Engage with all sections of society and break down barriers to participation
  2. Enable equitable access to services and programs
  3. Enrich social and economic capacity through cultural diversity as an asset of our state.

We are the lead agency for implementing the policy and legislative framework to support multicultural principles in NSW.

As part of our work, we actively map ways to strengthen community resilience and safeguard social cohesion.

Multicultural NSW can help you and your community by:

  • providing grants for events, community projects and activities that foster community engagement, build community harmony and social cohesion
  • supporting initiatives that respond to community issues through the Regional Advisory Council network
  • supporting intercultural and interfaith initiatives that promote and understand cultural and religious diversity and social harmony.

Our opportunity to financially empower our communities is delivered through a Celebrating Diversity Grants Program. This has two categories:

  • Celebrating Diversity – Events (funding up to $10,000)
  • Celebrating Diversity – Projects (funding up to $40,000 per annum)

Multicultural NSW staff are happy to answer your questions. Please contact our Grants Officer on (02) 8255 6779.

Multicultural NSW provides high-quality, professional and efficient interpreting and translation services. Our fully accredited interpreters speak more than 100 languages and our translation services are available across more than 100 Service NSW centres in NSW.

If you need an interpreter, call 1300 651 500 during business hours (8am to 5pm) or email languageservices@multicultural.nsw.gov.au

Multicultural NSW also provides multicultural press monitoring. MediaLink makes non-English content in multicultural newspapers available in English through MediaLink reports. MediaLink uses a custom-built system that enables you to fast track information based on language, publication, date of publication and keywords.

To help you reach the right audience, Multicultural NSW maintains an extensive database of organisations and individuals from culturally diverse communities across Australia. To help businesses, government agencies, community organisations and individuals reach these audiences, Multicultural NSW operates Multicultural Link.

Each year, we celebrate and recognise the important contribution of culturally diverse communities by holding a number of events and awards including:

  • Premier’s Harmony Dinner
  • Premier’s Multicultural Community Medals
  • Premier’s Multicultural Communication Awards
  • Premier’s Multicultural Honour Roll

More information about our services, programs and initiatives is available on our website or contact us on (02) 8255 6767.