Our Act

Our Act
Our Act

The Multicultural NSW Legislation Amendment Act 2014 amends the Community Relations Commission and Principles of Multiculturalism Act 2000, and renames it The Multicultural NSW Act 2000 (the Act). The Act establishes Multicultural NSW as the government agency in NSW responsible for promoting and monitoring the multicultural principles set out in the Act (our mandate). Additionally, the legislation establishes the position and responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer and identifies the Premier and the Minister for Multiculturalism jointly as the responsible Minister. The legislation sets up the Advisory Board and the Regional Advisory Councils and their functions and responsibilities. Reporting on the implementation of the multicultural principles is also established by the Act.

The multicultural principles guide the development and implementation of multicultural policy in NSW.

In essence, these principles commit us and the people of NSW to:

  1. share democratic values, governed by the rule of law and promote a unified commitment to Australia
  2. accept that we have diverse linguistic, religious and ancestral backgrounds
  3. create opportunities for all people to participate in all aspects of public life
  4. respect and provide for different cultures, languages and religions, with English recognised as our common language
  5. provide the greatest possible access to government programs and services
  6. promote and maximise the value of our diverse cultural and linguistic heritage to develop NSW.

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