2023 Premier’s Multicultural Communications Awards

About the Awards

The NSW Premier’s Multicultural Communications Awards (PMCAs) recognise excellence in the multicultural media and marketing industry.

NSW is one of the most successful Multicultural states in the world and it is important to celebrate the benefits of our diversity. The PMCAs acknowledge the important role marketing and media professionals play in communicating this success.

The PMCAs recognise the valuable contribution multicultural media and marketing make to our society by connecting people to their culture, identity, and language. These awards celebrate and recognise the important role journalists, editors and publishers in text, radio, television and digital media play. They also honour innovative and creative marketing campaigns that inspire social cohesion and community harmony.

If you have any questions on the entry process, please email: [email protected].

Winners of the 2023 Premier’s Multicultural Communications Awards

Best Use of Digital or Social Media

  • Finalist: Department of Customer Service Customer Marketing – Marketing & Campaigns Team
  • Finalist: OnePath Network
  • Finalist: Polaris Media Group x Swisse – Festival of Her
  • Finalist:Western Sydney Wanderers


Western Sydney Wanderers – Western Sydney Wanderers launched their season with a fixture video featuring 12 different languages from both professional players, and local members of their community. This video, a keynote of their season, featured the languages of French, South Sudanese, Cantonese, Assyrian, Hindi, Greek, Burmese, Serbo-Croatian, Tagalog, Urdu, Turkish, and English. The piece received critical acclaim with over 10,000 people engaging with the initial post and 400,000+ people reached across channels.

Public Interest Award

  • Finalist: Addison Road Community Organisation
  • Finalist: How multicultural is your suburb? SBS News
  • Finalist: Dr Saba Vasefi


Addison Road Community Organisation – “Die. Or Die Trying. Escaping the Taliban” is a film produced by Addison Road Community Organisation which tells the gripping story of fifteen young Afghani women, forced to make their escape from Kabul as the Taliban enter the city and seize ultimate power in Afghanistan.

Best Text Report

  • Finalist: Dr Salih Yucel, AMUST
  • Finalist: Prof Halim Rane, A/Prof Debbie Bargallie, and Dr Troy Meston, AMUST
  • Finalist:  yeeyi


Dr Salih Yucel, AMUST – Dr Salih Yucel’s article, “How my faith helped me after the loss of loved ones in the earthquake,” detailed the tragic loss of six family members, including his sister, and 19 distant relatives in the devastating earthquakes that struck Turkiye.

Agency Campaign of the Year

  • Finalist: Think HQ and CultureVerse for the Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Finalist: CulturalPulse
  • Finalist: Etcom & Remitly


Think HQ and CultureVerse for the Australian Human Rights Commission – Driven to create change, in 2021 the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) engaged Think HQ CultureVerse to develop the next iteration of their powerful and important Racism. It Stops With Me Campaign (RISWM).

Business Campaign of the Year

  • Finalist: Savings Finder Campaign
  • Finalist: City of Parramatta
  • Finalist: Navitas Skilled Futures


Savings Finder Campaign – To support people in NSW, ‘Savings Finder’ was created by the NSW Government as a one-stop, online tool housing over 70 savings, rebates and vouchers. This provided a single point of access for residents to easily identify and take up the cost-of-living initiatives available to them. This created a communications opportunity aimed to drive awareness, education and uptake of ‘Savings Finder’ amongst a broad and diverse community including the CALD audience, along with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Community Campaign of the Year

  • Finalist: The People’s Pantry
  • Finalist: Paul Blanket, Stop Racism Now
  • Finalist: headspace – Laura Taunt
  • Finalist: Multicultural Communities Council of Illawarra (MCCI)


Paul Blanket, Stop Racism Now – The Stop Racism Now campaign champions human dignity. With a practical program of education, the campaign aimed to empower individuals to see value in every act of tolerance and inclusion. It aimed to provide actionable behavioural tools that will allow individuals to confront racist behaviour when they witness it.

Best Audio Report

  • Finalist: Stephanie Corsetti, Claire Slattery, Marcus Megalokonomos and Hannah Kwon, SBS
  • Finalist: Olivia Yuan – SBS Mandarin
  • Finalist: Lucy Chen and XinYu Li – SBS Mandarin


Stephanie Corsetti, Claire Slattery, Marcus Megalokonomos and Hannah Kwon, SBS – ‘To the Extreme’ is a report about global threats, giving multicultural audiences a window into the world of far-right offenders through translated content.

Best Audio-Visual Report

  • Finalist: Sharon Offenberger – Plus61J Media
  • Finalist: Abdullah Alikhil and Rashida Yosufzai – SBS
  • Finalist: Youth RusTalk TV


Sharon Offenberger – Plus61J Media – This five-part video series From their Perspective: Palestinian citizens of Israel delves into the Arab-Palestinian community in Israel, with well-known personalities speaking about politics, challenges, partnership, identity and culture.

Publication of the Year

  • Finalist: Pawan Luthra and Rajni Anand Luthra, Indian Link Media Group
  • Finalist: The Greek Herald
  • Finalist: Pallavi Jain / Jitarth Jai Bharadwaj / Amit Sarwal – The Australia Today
  • Finalist: Australia Today App


Pawan Luthra and Rajni Anand Luthra, Indian Link Media Group – Indian Link (www.indianlink.com.au) is a privately-owned independent media group that targets the Indian community here in Australia, as well as those in the wider Australian community who have an interest in India.

Alan Knight Student Award

  • Finalist: Suhayla Zahira Sharif
  • Finalist: Mohamad Youssef / Central News UTS
  • Finalist: Torsha Sen, Indian Link Media Group


Suhayla Zahira Sharif – Suhayla Sharif is an emerging journalist. Writing for publications such as Indian Link Media Group, she covers issues on community, culture and the youth population. Sharif’s goal is to celebrate the delicate intricacies of diverse Australian perspectives.

Young Journalist of the Year

  • Finalist: Olivia Yuan, SBS Mandarin
  • Finalist: Kiran Gupta
  • Finalist: Andriana Simos


Olivia Yuan, SBS Mandarin – Delving into the historical roots of the Australian Chinese community is one of her most dedicated passions as a journalist and producer in SBS Mandarin. Through extensive interviews and research, in immersive covering, she revisits significant events such as the gold rush era, the early settlers’ history, and the contributions to the Australian army.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Haralambos Anargyrou Kritharis, known as Harry Crethar

Haralambos Anargyrou Kritharis, popularly known as Harry Crethar and a member of Radio KAA, is celebrating 40 years on radio. Kritharis has left an indelible mark on the Kytherian community and has also made significant contributions to the broader Australian society.

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