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COMPACT supports partnerships and collaboration between community, non government, youth sports, arts/media, educational organisations and the private sector by providing grant funding for innovative, evidence-based community projects.

Successful applications will bring together partners or consortia with the demonstrated experience, expertise and capacity to engage and effect positive change in young people (female and male young people aged between 12-30), families and communities within a community resilience and conflict resolution frame.

Applications are now closed.

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New COMPACT Partnership Priorities

To bring fresh perspectives and experiences to the COMPACT Alliance, this new round of COMPACT partnerships especially encourages new applications for partnership projects that:

  • engage the private sector and/or philanthropic partners to secure in-kind resources, expertise and/or matched funding
  • bring together grassroots organisations with larger well-established organisations to facilitate capacity building and crosssector collaboration
  • bring together three or more partner organisations with different skill sets to support the COMPACT objectives
  • engage young people in regional NSW support COMPACT objectives
  • engage female participants.

Youth Engagement Categories

COMPACT partnership projects will address one or more of the following youth engagement categories:

Creative communicators: includes creative methods to produce and disseminate positive, credible messages that inspire young people to be champions for community harmony through art, music, writing, public speaking, performance or dance.

Skills & enterprise: includes innovative methods to harness the entrepreneurial spirit and social conscience of young people through engagement with business and social enterprise.

Critical thinkers & problem solvers: includes methods to educate, raise awareness, facilitate dialogue, enhance critical thinking, identify, monitor and reduce or resolve community conflict or tension.

Families & intergenerational engagement: includes methods to engage and support young people, parents and families, address issues of intergenerational conflict, and build resilience at the family level.

Volunteers & humanitarians: includes methods to engage young people in volunteering, civic activities, charity and local and/or international humanitarian work with a clear benefit to local communities.

Sports for social cohesion: includes methods to engage young people, break down barriers, reinforce positive messages, and create support networks, mentoring opportunities and positive role models.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a COMPACT Grant, proposals must:

  • The host organization (grant recipient) must be a non-profit sharing organisation
  • Named partners (other from the host organisation) must have agreed in writing to be a partner in the project.
  • Named partners (other from the host organisation) may be non-profit sharing organisations. Profit sharing organisations may be partners if they are making cash or in-kind contributions to the project (as indicated in the project budget).

A successful COMPACT Partnership grant application must:

  • be located within NSW
  • demonstrate how the project will address one or more of the objectives nominated by Multicultural NSW above
  • demonstrate how the project will address one or more of the youth engagement categories also identified above
  • demonstrate how the project will measure outcomes
  • be cost effective and viable with an accurate budget
  • have clearly defined project outcomes including a tangible measurement for outcome evaluation.

Excluded Activities

The following activities are excluded from receiving funding through a COMPACT Partnership Grant:

  • party political activities
  • celebration of national or independence days with the exception of key Australian days including ANZAC Day, Australia Day, Clean Up Australia Day and NAIDOC day
  • religious festivals, rituals, events or promotions, except multi-faith events which involve people from more than one religion
  • projects funded under other State or Commonwealth grant programs
  • building works (including maintenance) and equipment purchases
  • events and festivals charging admission
  • media productions that have not been endorsed by Multicultural NSW prior to publication or broadcast
  • commercial or fundraising activities
  • projects or organisations that are already funded under COMPACT during the same funding period.

How Do I Apply?

The purpose of your application is to provide Multicultural NSW with sufficient information to gain a clear understanding of your project, its purpose and the projected outcomes and benefits. Please ensure you fill in every section and supply all the requested information.

COMPACT partnership grant applications must be submitted online. Online applications must be accompanied by scanned signed declarations.

Applications are now closed.


More information

For more information, take a look at the COMPACT Grants Information Booklets.