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Multicultural Policies And Services Program

Multicultural NSW promotes community harmony and social cohesion in one of the most culturally diverse states in the world

What's New

2017 Key Government Agency Reports

Some examples of how agencies are taking a diversity lens to the delivery of their services and programs can be found in pages 28-35 of the State of Community Relations Report 2016 – 2017. We encourage you to peruse the Report and the summary of key agencies reporting to us in 2017. They are icare, Legal Aid NSW, NSW Fair Trading and Transport for NSW.

The Multicultural Policies and Services Program

What is the Multicultural Policies and Services Program

Multicultural NSW has reviewed the Multicultural Policies and Services Program (MPSP). We have now made it easier for NSW Government agencies to meet planning and reporting requirements as set out in the Multicultural NSW Act 2000.

All NSW Government agencies are expected to provide high quality services and programs for all people of NSW. The MPSP is the mechanism for agencies to show how they are planning effectively for people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and to report on progress.

The MPSP framework helps agencies to embed multicultural planning within core business operations.

The new MPSP Framework is outcome-focused and consists of:

  • 4 Focus Areas: Service Delivery, Planning, Leadership and Engagement
  • 9 Outcomes in which agencies are expected to develop a set of specific targets against agreed focus areas relevant to their context and business activities

All agencies must:

  • prepare a multicultural plan incorporating the 4 Focus Areas and 9 Outcomes, and
  • report publicly on progress through their own agencies' annual reports

Key agencies identified annually by Multicultural NSW, known as a Designated MPSP Agency (DMA), have additional planning and reporting responsibilities under the MPSP. These agencies provide particularly important functions to a culturally and linguistically diverse society, and are listed here.

Multicultural NSW reports to Parliament on the NSW Government's progress through its annual State of Community Relations in NSW report. This includes details of agency compliance, and provides highlights and examples of best practice.

Preparing a multicultural plan

Preparing a multicultural plan – help for agencies

Multicultural NSW has developed a number of resources to help agencies with planning and implementing their plans. We strongly encourage agencies to contact Multicultural NSW for advice and assistance.

Resources include:

  • The Multicultural NSW Community Profile which provides information on the culturally diverse population of NSW using Census data. It details key social and economic characteristics of communities, and provides a snapshot of the settlement history of the top 30 communities in NSW.
  • The MPSP Framework which outlines the 4 Focus Areas and 9 Outcomes.
  • Templates to guide the development of agency's Multicultural Plans and Reports.

A new toolkit is being developed which may include resources on good practice in the areas of staff development and support, cultural and linguistic competence, interpreter service use, funded services and emerging technology use. This is a dynamic and evolving toolkit to assist agencies in developing their plan, and will progressively be made available on the Multicultural NSW website.

Reporting on multicultural plans

Reporting on multicultural plans – help for agencies

All agencies must report progress against their multicultural plans in their annual reports as set out in Schedule 1 of the Annual Reports (Departments) Regulation 2015. This includes reporting on key themes and strategies for the following year.

Agencies submit the relevant extract from their Annual Report to Multicultural NSW after the report has been tabled in the NSW Parliament. The extract should be emailed to

DMAs are required to submit comprehensive multicultural plans and detailed progress reports to Multicultural NSW on a 2 or 3 year cycle as listed here.

Multicultural NSW assesses whether these reports meet legislative requirements and publishes a summary report in its annual State of Community Relations in NSW.

For further MPSP enquiries, please email or call 02 8255 6773.