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What is EmailLink?

EmailLink is an email broadcast service run by Multicultural NSW. Multicultural NSW maintains an extensive database of organisations and individuals from culturally diverse communities across Australia. For a small investment emails can be delivered directly for you to our database to help businesses, government agencies, community organisations and individuals reach these audiences.

To maintain the integrity of our database and our EmailLink recipients, certain messages are not eligible for our service, these include:

  • commercial/business messages promoting a product or service offered at a cost
  • promotion of general fundraising activities
  • political or opinion/comment messages
  • messages that could be deemed offensive or inappropriate
  • messages that contradict the principles of our agency to maintain social harmony and community cohesion in NSW
  • general marketing campaigns
  • religious messages

Preference is also given to messages pertaining to the community of NSW however all messages are assessed on a case by case basis.

What you need to supply

To send an EmailLink message you need to supply us with:

  • Content -Your message content as a Microsoft Word document (recommended font is Calibri 11pt)
  • Images and/or Logo - Any image/pictures you want to include (maximum 600 pixels wide)
  • Authority - Full contact details for authorisation
  • ABN - your organisations ABN if applicable
  • Desired Subject Line – we can advise you on this
  • Brief summary of the message
  • Organising person's contact details – can be the same as authority contact
  • Intended Audience - We recommend that you send your EmailLink message to the entire EmailLink database to maximise your message reach. You can of course filter your message to a specific ethnicity or language if you choose, just let us know.


Please allow up to five days processing time as we cannot send multiple messages on the same day. We will acknowledge receipt of your message and advise the process and timings at that point. Multicultural NSW reserves the right to refuse any EmailLink request received.


**Please note the price per EmailLink message will increase from 1 July 2019 to $150 + GST. Currently the price to send a single EmailLink message is $120 + GST.

Only 1 message is sent at a time with a limit to the number of messages sent per week, set by Multicultural NSW.

The fee for our EmailLink service has been affordably priced so as not to exclude Not-for-profits and community organisations.


Payments can be made by credit card or by electronic transfer. You can download the credit card authorisation form here.

We can also provide an emailed invoice for EmailLink customers. Payment is due seven days from the date of the invoice.

Additional EmailLink Services


Our Language Services team can translate your EmailLink message into over 105 languages. Fees for translation will be quoted separately. Language Services>>

Graphic Design Service

Multicultural NSW can help you with the design of your EmailLink broadcast if you don't have access to a Graphic Designer to make your message stand out. The fee for our design service is $100 + GST additional to the EmailLink fee and includes up to 1 hour of design work including up to 1 round of changes. Not for Profit organisations may be exempt from this fee.


If you need advice on culturally appropriate wording or imagery - our team will be happy to assist you. You can contact us here.

If you would like to sign up to our EmailLink recipient database please click here >>

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