Multicultural Media

Multicultural Media plays a vital role in keeping non-English speakers abreast of issues

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Multicultural Media

Multicultural Media

One of the great strengths of Australia's culturally diverse society is the breadth of its multicultural media. In print, on radio or television there is a treasure trove of information, viewpoints and opportunities to immerse in multicultural communities.

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Multicultural media helps people connect with their homelands and cultures, link to issues elsewhere in the world, gives voice to people and helps broaden our understanding of world events. Importantly, multicultural media reports on political and social issues in Australia ensuring that people whose first language is other than English have an opportunity to stay abreast of issues. More and more so it has an increasing role in multicultural marketing and promoting Australia's image overseas.

Multicultural media most importantly reflects Australia's multicultural society to all Australians and by doing so increases understanding of our diverse communities and promotes harmony in our society.

There are several full-time single language commercial radio stations that broadcast in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and Italian. Some of these are subscription and require a special radio receiver. Radio 2000 is a full time multilingual community- based radio station and there at least 10 community radio stations who broadcast part-time in community languages. Government radio broadcasts on two frequencies in 68 languages and dialects.

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Multicultural media reporting

With nearly one in four Australians born overseas, multicultural media plays a unique and important role in capturing information, viewpoints and promoting opportunities within the growing multicultural community of Australia. However, community media is not always readily available and accessible to the general public due to language differences or limited circulation.

MediaLink makes non-English contents in community newspapers available in English through MediaLink reports. MediaLink uses a custom-built system that enables you to search based on language, publication, date of publication and keywords.

MediaLink reports are newsworthy as they are made available within one working day of the publication of the community newspaper. Reports cover over 100 issues of major publications in 11 language groups in Australia per week, namely Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Italian, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

MediaLink offers a broad range of reports including news, editorial comments and opinions, business features, political cartoons, community events, announcements of community events, media releases and advertisements of government agencies, parliamentarians and political parties.

Subscription to MediaLink is available on a long term or short term basis. Click here to find out more.