$4 million to disseminate important health messages to multicultural communities

The NSW Government has announced it will spend $4 million to disseminate important health messages during the latest COVID-19 outbreak across multicultural communities.

The targeted package includes a $2 million grants program, announced today, to support multicultural media deliver crucial health information during the pandemic.

Minister for Multiculturalism Natalie Ward said multicultural media organisations have been vital in distributing trusted and credible public health information to our communities.

“We rely on our multicultural media operating in NSW to deliver crucial messages far and wide,” Mrs Ward said.
“This is especially important with our non-English speaking communities who depend on these outlets for their news.”

The grants program is in addition to $2 million already allocated during the current restrictions by the NSW Government to deliver messages to multicultural communities across various channels including radio, print and online.

The multifaceted approach has also included forums with religious and community leaders, and working with our leaders and community groups to share information through their networks.

Multicultural media operating in NSW will soon be able to apply for the NSW Multicultural Media Grants Program, with up to $50,000 available per outlet.

“This funding will support the delivery of news and information across traditional print and radio media as well as reaching a wider audience through digital capability,” Mrs Ward said.

“I again thank our hard-working multicultural media outlets and our community leaders for working with us to ensure everyone in our community has access to reliable and trusted information.”

For more information, please visit: https://multicultural.nsw.gov.au/

MEDIA: Nina Stevens | Minister Ward | 0412 438 647

Page last updated: 3 May 2023 | 2:35 pm