Paolo Totaro

Paolo Totaro

Foundation Chair of the Ethnic Affairs Commission

The year was 1977 and Paolo Totaro received a phone call from the then Premier of New South Wales, Neville Wran, asking him to apply for a new position dedicated into looking at Ethnic Affairs in NSW. Paolo apply and became the foundation chair of the Inquiry into Ethnic Affairs.

Looking into case studies of all migrants including those in schools, hospitals, courts of law and workplaces among other situations, the challenge was set to recommend how to put principles of multiculturalism into the practice of government as well as the rest of society. These recommendations came in a 600 page report known as 'Participation', and all recommendations were accepted by the government unchallenged.

Paolo Totaro role in creating both the Participation report and the Ethnic Affairs Commission makes him one of the biggest multicultural warriors of our time, helping to create equality for everyone and to make NSW a successful multicultural society.