Ella Tang

Ella Tang

Ella Tang is a previous winner of the Premier’s Multicultural Communications Awards. She won the Alan Knight Student Award category in 2018.

This is his story.

What got you started/motivated to enter the awards?

I originally entered a Lego video competition organised by Asia Media Centre which I won and Mimi Chau kindly recommended me to enter my video into the Premier’s Multicultural Communications Awards. I’d like to thank Asia Media Centre here for that recommendation.

What had been the most challenging thing about entering/creating your entry?

Before I entered the Premier’s Multicultural Communications Awards, I had already made a stop motion video on how to assemble the Lego Opera House set. When I was told of the opportunity of entering into the Premier’s award, the most challenging thing became how to add the multicultural concept into my existing video.

I replayed my original video many times trying to find an idea. One thing I realised was the colour themes were black, brown and blues. At the beginning I just wanted to add some colours to the scenes. I happened to have some Lego people from my own collection that are colourful. While I was playing with these Lego people in front of the Lego Opera House blocks, an idea just popped into my head! I decided to add them as my builders who contributed different colours to make a beautifully coloured city. From there, the ideas just flew in.

What do you say to other young people thinking about entering the awards?

I would tell other young people who are thinking about entering the awards to give it a go. If you have a passion about anything you should go ahead and follow it. There is nothing to be afraid of, it’s a great experience and it is something you will remember forever. If you do not have a professional camera, tripod or lighting at home, it does not mean you cannot try. You could use your phone or tablet to film the video, just like what I did!

I filmed my stop motion video on my desk and used a lamp as the source of the lighting.

Tell us a bit about your family? Where did you grow up?

My parents were born in China but came out to Australia to study at university. They stayed after they finished their postgraduate studies. My sister and I were born in Sydney and grew up in North West Sydney.

What does multiculturalism mean to you?

To me, multiculturalism means the harmony and diversity of many cultures in one place. Australia is a multicultural country because we have people from all around the world who live here.

Together we are like a big family.

In my stop motion video, the storyline was about how all the cultures have made Australia what it is today.

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