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With more than 40 years of experience, the Language Services Division of Multicultural NSW provides interpreting and translation services in more than 120 languages and dialects. Our interpreters and translators provide expertise in interpreting, translation and transcription to make sure language is no barrier to vital information and services.

We provide telephone, face-to-face and video interpreting services and translation services to NSW Government, non-government agencies and the public. The NSW telephone interpreting service has given people living in regional and remote NSW greater access to services and programs. We also provide written document translations.

In 2022, Multicultural NSW Language Services delivered more than 40,000 language services assignments in 97 languages and dialects.

Philimon Darmo, Source Sydney Morning Herald, James Brickwood

One of our highly skilled translators is Philimon Darmo. Aged 84, Philimon worked around the clock to translate vital COVID-19 materials and resources into Assyrian. As the only Assyrian translator with the highest levels of national certification in Australia, Philimon has had an enormous workload during the pandemic and has been in high demand. Migrating to Australia from Iraq in 1964, Philimon is a leader in the Assyrian community and has a deep passion for the Assyrian language. Although he is a retired accountant, Philimon says he can never retire from translating because it is both a service to his community and represents his passion for the written word.

Why work with Multicultural NSW?

Multicultural NSW places strong emphasis on building the capability of language services professionals. We have an active presence in the industry providing input, advocacy and advice on policy as well as operationally on key issues facing the sector.

As an interpreter or translator for Multicultural NSW you will have access to professional development and mentoring programs to assist you in developing your career.

NSW Interpreter Scholarship Program

In 2019 Multicultural NSW established the Interpreter Scholarship Program offering support to train and develop new interpreters and build sustainability within the language services industry across NSW. We have awarded 400 scholarships over the 4-year program pilot.

In 2022 NSW Government announced an enhanced Scholarship program over 2 years to further develop sustainability and increased capability of Interpreters and Translators in established and new and emerging languages.

New Award for Multicultural NSW’s interpreters and translators.

On 19 May 2021 the Industrial Relations Commission granted a new award for Multicultural NSW’s interpreters and translators. The new award came into effect on 1 July 2021 and brought about many significant and beneficial changes including:

  • interpreters and translators being classified based on their NAATI certification level
  • reduction in minimum hours of engagement to ensure competitiveness in the language service industry and greater utilisation of resources.
  • professional development inclusions in the award, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring our interpreters and translators are of the highest quality and are provided with regular support and training to remain at the top of their field
  • enhanced travel and meal payment processes to make it easier for employees to claim allowances.

NAATI Support

NAATI supports Multicultural NSW Language Services’ mission to set and maintain high national standards for the translating and interpreting sector and to ensure the supply of credentialed professionals to respond to the changing needs and demography of Australia’s diverse population.

Translator and interpreter professional development programs

Multicultural NSW offers a strong professional development program covering topics such as:

  • consecutive interpreting and note taking
  • introduction to chuchotage interpreting (whispering translations to a client)
  • medical terminology
  • remote interpreting protocols
  • resources and tools for targeted interpreting practice.

New interpreters and translators and scholarship graduates have access to our induction programs, as well as sector-specific training for working with NSW Police and in NSW Courts.

Mentoring program

New interpreters and translators and scholarship graduates undergo a mentoring program to provide them support in their employment journey. The mentoring program was established to ensure new starters are guided through their first customer assignments. They are paired with a senior interpreter who gives them advice and helps them prepare. The mentor also attends court with the mentee for their first two assignments to support them in this complex environment.

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