What is the underlying motivation and inspiration for COMPACT?

The COMPACT Program, like all programs administered by Multicultural NSW, is entirely motivated by our agency’s core purpose of promoting social cohesion and community harmony.

Multicultural NSW has worked for decades, in partnership with communities, and across a wide range of different policy areas, to address and resolve issues that impact on social cohesion and community harmony.

Ever since the 9/11 attacks in the United States, Multicultural NSW has worked with local communities to address the potential impacts of global terrorism and violent extremism on social cohesion and community harmony in New South Wales.

A common aim of terrorists and extremists is to promote fear, hate, and division in society. Extremists hate diversity and they seek to create schisms within and between communities based on a destructive “Us versus Them” mindset. COMPACT is concerned that increasing fear of terrorism has given fuel to the reactive hate-based rhetoric of fringe extremist groups in Australia.

COMPACT is an alliance of community partners who are standing up to fear, hate and divisiveness as a strong, unified, inclusive voice for cultural diversity and community harmony.

COMPACT is working for a society that understands, values and benefits from cultural diversity, a society where communities feel supported and a more resilient to threats to community harmony.