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Yash Kammoun

“People think girls can’t play sport. we certainly challenge that idea, we play AFL and we love it.”

Meet Yash Kammoun, joint 2017 Harmony Award Phelan Mostyn Medal winner and player for the Auburn Giants.

Originally a soccer player both in and out of school, it took one year before Yash gave AFL a try and has not looked back.

Now 26 she’s played 3 years of Aussie Rules and loves the physicality of the game. When I asked her what the main differences switching between the two codes has been for her (besides the shape of the ball!) she says it’s a different level of fitness with different set of skills. Learning that it is ok to play with more than your feet and to tackle with a fierceness that was never present in soccer.

Yash definitely puts her body on the line when she plays and in the early days suffered a few concussions and season ending injuries. Nowadays her goal is to play smart footy and be the best footballer she can be for her team, staying fit and strong both in and out of seasons.

Talking about her work for the community, this year she has coached the Under 14 boys team and relished the task. In previous years, she coached the inaugural girls’ first ever Under 18s and Under 15s teams. She organized school girls gala days to encourage girls to try AFL, and hopefully recruit them to the Auburn Giants.

She isn’t hanging up her footy boots yet! She’s passionate about working with young people and coaching means she can give back and help them develop their confidence.

Yash loves getting the community involved in the club and can see firsthand the positive impact that sport plays on the community. She’s always ready to have a chat with the young female players and will even sit down with the player’s parents and makes them feel part of the Club.

It’s a safe space and I know the benefits are immense for young women, especially from my own cultural background.

Back when Yash worked for the Auburn Youth Centre she was involved in getting young girls interested in playing sport, not just AFL.

Her advice to young girls now is “don’t think about it, you won’t regret it.”

“Being a part of the Auburn Giants has helped me grow as a person. It has given me confidence in my own ability and to help others grow theirs.”