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Tia Singh


Tia Singh was recognised as 2017 Young Journalist of the Year at the Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards.

I am an admitted solicitor in my 20s working for the state government and a freelance writer. My passion is writing, I write regularly for the NSW Law Society Journal, as we all as multicultural media group, Indian Link. I have also recently set up a little blog called "A Cup of Tee" to articulate more of my musings and rambles!


I began writing for multicultural media because I noticed a lack of youth voice writing about youth perspectives, or stories of our Indian-Australian Gen Y's. Multicultural affairs is important in our dynamic community because it is so easy for my generation to lose their connection to their cultural heritage - at times they may feel compelled to hide it, as opposed to celebrate it. That said, the flip side is that with the internet and social media, it is so much easier to stay connected to not just our own ethnicity and cultures, but to learn about the abundance of beautiful cultures held by our surrounding society. I write to basically try and bridge that gap. It is important that our youth have their stories told as they will carry forward the culture.


Personally, my Indian culture is a significant part of who I am - it influences the music I listen to, the movies I watch, the languages I can speak and the hobbies I have. I have previously competed in national 'Bhangra', or Punjabi folk dancing, competitions. I feel that if my culture holds so much value for me personally, then I can only imagine the importance it has for others, especially my peers. We are so lucky to be a part of a society that promotes and celebrates the vibrant cultures that call Australia home. For me, multiculturalism is more than acceptance of other cultures, it is a celebration of them. It is not about one culture trying to impose or trying to dominate, rather it is about sharing the space and showcasing what is special to us.