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Teshan Weerapperuma

This Saturday the City of Parramatta will be hosting Australia's largest Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony in the Parramatta Park Amphitheatre on the morning of 26 January, hosted by Lord Mayor Cr Andrew Wilson.

More than 1500 people will become Australian citizens and one of those people will be Teshan Weerapperuma.

This is his story.

Teshan Weerapperuma, originally from Sri Lanka will become an Australian Citizen along his wife and 3 children on Australia Day, this Saturday.

I wanted to migrate to a new country and have better opportunities in my life and for my family.

I came to Australia and completed my Master’s Degree in Central Queensland University. My wife and our son then immigrated to Australia when he was 3 years old. Today I have 3 children and work here in Sydney as a software Engineer. I feel very happy about my decision to move Australia.

Becoming an Australian citizen means to me that with belonging to this beautiful society I feel comfortable and secure about where my children are growing up.

I want our children to learn that giving back to Australia is a way to achieve your dreams. It is a vital lesson to instil.

I have been enjoying studying and working here because of the diverse multicultural backgrounds around me.

Multiculturalism to me is where people with different ethnic or cultural backgrounds and variety of beliefs live together in a society making Australia a unique nation, which over the past decades proves it works.


You can find out more about Australia Day in Parramatta 2019 here.