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Sandie Bizys

Meet Sandie Bizys, a Sydney based Marriage Celebrant. We spoke to Sandie about her role as a marriage celebrant and what multiculturalism means to her. This is Sandie’s story.

I was around 25 years old when I first became a Justice Of The Peace and had always aspired to be a Marriage Celebrant.

Of course as a young woman, I thought I could do this instantly!

Definitely not so – the study required to become a Civil Celebrant was extensive and challenging. As you would expect being honoured with the position of being appointed by The Attorney General.

I have always adored the love and fuss of weddings and baby naming ceremonies, but as a strong humanitarian and lifelong people person, I equally embrace the privilege of working close to families as they farewell a loved one in either a funeral or celebration of life ceremony.

I also absolutely embrace conducting multicultural weddings. These ceremonies are truly delightful. A skilled celebrant will always work closely with a couples varying beliefs, religions and traditions.

It can be make a beautiful tapestry of cultures united as one.

What does multiculturalism mean to you?

I proudly embrace multiculturalism in Australia. I remember as a young girl, my Dad taking me to visit newly arrived Polish immigrants in my youth. “The food might be a bit different but they are beautiful people with beautiful food – you will like them”

Australia has certainly come a long way from the then rarities of beetroot soup and pastrami, served with gusto and passion, instead of my childhood favourite of devon sandwiches with tomato sauce.

Having previously worked as a multicultural care worker in Fairfield, Auburn and Bankstown Community Centres, as well through involvement with various Councils to implement new plans and strategies to help build our merging cultural landscape I know that my positive experiences when I was young helped me share the vision.

Lastly, what is your advice for people planning their wedding day

Always remember that this is YOUR ceremony and YOUR special milestone in your life. Find a celebrant who is the right fit for you as a couple.

A celebrant who will not only embrace, but showcase your treasured cultural significance.

Finally love each other, respect your vows and take time to have a wonderful and memorable day.