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Jessica Dal Pos

Jessica Dal Pos plays as a Midfielder for the GWS GIANTS AFLWomens Competition.
This is her story.

I grew up playing AFL in Victoria with my brother, sister and school friends. We would play every day at lunch time and meet up after school for footy training at our local club. For me, footy was a completely normal activity for an Australian kid. However, it did puzzle me that every time I told my Nonno and Nonna about it I would constantly have to explain the rules and that I barracked for Richmond Tigers.

Both my mother and fathers’ parents migrated by boat from Italy. Settling in suburban Victoria, they worked really hard to support their growing families. When they would go to the shops, they would mime their order to communicate that they wanted eggs or milk, until they learned English.  

Lots of our family time revolves around food – preparing it, cooking it and eating it – it’s how we share our stories. This time is extended to everyone, often my friends, neighbours and teammates come over to feast at our table. As kids we would all help Nonno pick fruit and vegetables from his garden and watch as he turned them into jams or simply shared them with everyone he came across. These traditions will be passed on to each generation and I'm very proud of our heritage. 

My older brother played football locally, so I followed in his footsteps and joined Auskick, which progressed to junior and senior football as I got older. My twin sister also played junior football with me and my parents were either coaching, team managing or umpiring.  When the opportunity to join the GWS Giants rolled around it was a pretty easy decision to join such a community-based football club.

In my time here at the club I have been able to meet a diverse range of amazing people, travel to India and around Australia. The Giants encourage and celebrate diversity and their connection with greater Western Sydney, using football as shared ground to come together and celebrate each other. 

Multiculturalism in my eyes is celebrating diversity in all forms, sharing heritage and appreciating that all are equal and important. Very much like AFL, the game does not discriminate, anybody can play no matter size, gender, background or ability. We are all welcome and included. 


To watch Jessica and the GIANTS AFLW team in action, head to Drummoyne Oval on Friday 8 February at 7:15pm. Entry is free, visit for more information.