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Endre Csapó


Winner of the Premier’s Multicultural Media Award for Lifetime Achivement, Endre Csapó was born in the small township of Répcelak, Hungary in 1921. Due to the events of the Second World War, Endre’s beloved homeland had become occupied by the communist Soviet Union so in 1948 he decided he needed to smuggle his young family out and after one year in a DP camp in Germany Endre emigrated to Australia. Endre and his family settled in Queensland but in 1954 his family moved to Sydney.



A deep- rooted motivation to communicate with his fellow emigrants and the desire to inform Australians of the plight of Hungary prompted Endre to undertake volunteer community work and part time journalism. After his early retirement in 1977, he earnestly followed his new career as a journalist, editor and author of several books.

His life work continues to inform and popularise the search for truth and understanding of current and developing events.

Australians and Hungarians in the diaspora value highly his outstanding contribution and leadership.