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Denisse M Vera


I developed a love of clothing at a young age. As soon as my Dad taught me to sew and I learnt how to bring my sketches to life, I was hooked. I decided to study textiles at school and worked hard to gain entry into UTS and study the reputable Bachelor of Fashion in textiles and design. The course was tough and I learnt just enough about concept development, construction and business to prepare myself for the industry.

After a year of working for an international bridal label, I realised my heart was in my own work and I decided to give it a good go. I quit my full-time job in 2014 and officially launched my label Denisse M Vera. I have been developing my label ever since. The textile technique I have become known for is Macramé.


I learnt the art of Macramé in 2012 when I was travelling through my motherland, Chile. A friend and I were passing through a desert town called San Pedro de Atacama where I befriended a local artisan who shared his art with me. From the moment I crafted my first knot, I was obsessed. Since then I have returned to Chile to workshop new ideas with Oliver, my Macramé teacher and I will be returning in 2018.

Although I was born in Australia, through my art, I feel connected to my motherland Chile.


Multiculturalism to me means diversity and love. I believe what connects us all is love, and multiculturalism is a wonderful platform within which we can display love. Every culture displays love in different ways, whether it’s through music, food, art or dance. When we share these elements with each other we embody a sense of oneness.

Multiculturalism is a powerful word to me, being the daughter of political refugees who came here alone and with nothing. I am grateful for the vast array of cultures within Australia. Multiculturalism assisted my parents in not feeling alienated in Australia but instead supported and strong.