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What does COMPACT stand for?

“COMPACT” stands for “COMmunity Partnership ACTion”.

COMPACT is all about Communities, in Partnership, taking Action to safeguard Australia’s peaceful and harmonious way of life.

COMPACT aims to inspire young Australians from all communities to stand up and stand united against the divisive forces of fear and hate as champions for community harmony.


What is the underlying motivation and inspiration for COMPACT?

The COMPACT Program, like all programs administered by Multicultural NSW, is entirely motivated by our agency’s core purpose of promoting social cohesion and community harmony.

Multicultural NSW has worked for decades, in partnership with communities, and across a wide range of different policy areas, to address and resolve issues that impact on social cohesion and community harmony.

Ever since the 9/11 attacks in the United States, Multicultural NSW has worked with local communities to address the potential impacts of global terrorism and violent extremism on social cohesion and community harmony in New South Wales.

A common aim of terrorists and extremists is to promote fear, hate, and division in society. Extremists hate diversity and they seek to create schisms within and between communities based on a destructive “Us versus Them” mindset. COMPACT is concerned that increasing fear of terrorism has given fuel to the reactive hate-based rhetoric of fringe extremist groups in Australia.

COMPACT is an alliance of community partners who are standing up to fear, hate and divisiveness as a strong, unified, inclusive voice for cultural diversity and community harmony.

COMPACT is working for a society that understands, values and benefits from cultural diversity, a society where communities feel supported and a more resilient to threats to community harmony.


How is the COMPACT program different from Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) and “de-radicalisation” programs?

COMPACT is different. COMPACT is not a “de-radicalisation” program, and it is not motivated by a national security agenda. Like all programs administered by Multicultural NSW, the COMPACT Program is entirely motivated by our agency’s core purpose of promoting social cohesion and community harmony.

While some “CVE” programs aim to support individuals to move away from violent extremism and towards safe and healthy live pathways, COMPACT is focussed instead on tackling the potentially divisive impacts that extremist hate and fear can have on our wider society.

Addressing extremist hate and fear from a social cohesion perspective, rather than a national security or law enforcement perspective, requires a different methodology from the individualised interventions often associated with “CVE” or “de-radicalisation” programs.

COMPACT is a unique, innovative program that provides an entirely new model for a whole-of-society, resilience-based response to any potential threat to community harmony. Our model has been co-designed in close consultation with communities and academic experts.

In our program, “resilience” means proactively building and maintaining strong, responsive and cooperative networks that operate across communities and sectors, and that can mobilise to respond to challenges and threats to community harmony, resolve conflict, and actively promote social cohesion.

Our resilience to violent extremism can be measured by the way we respond to extremist hate and fear as a unified, inclusive and democratic society. COMPACT stands as a force for community harmony in this way. 


How much funding as gone into COMPACT?

In June 2018 the NSW Government announced a new round of COMPACT partnership grants with a total pool amount of $1.2 million.

Grants will be awarded to partnership projects valued from $50,000 to $150,000 per year for up to two years.

This funding is in addition to an existing $8 million investment in COMPACT that has supported 14 partnership projects that have engaged an estimated 20,000 young people since commencing in 2016.


Where does the funding for COMPACT come from? 

The funding for COMPACT does not come out of a national security or law enforcement budget.  COMPACT is funded under a package of social policy measures to counter violent extremism in NSW, recognising that empowering communities to safeguard social cohesion in the face of fear and hate is critical to our broader efforts to counter violent extremism.


What is the NSW Government doing to address other important issues like mental health and family and domestic violence? 

People living with mental illness, their families and carers will benefit from a record investment of $2.1 billion in mental health services and infrastructure funding in the NSW Budget 2018.

The NSW Government continues to lead the nation with more than $390 million over four years invested in the NSW Budget 2018 to provide greater protection for women, children and men from family and domestic violence.

A key priority for the NSW Government is to deliver care to those most in need. For more information about NSW Budget 2018 measures, go to


What is the COMPACT Alliance? 

The COMPACT Alliance is a network of community partners who all share a commitment to Australia’s peaceful and harmonious way of life.

Our membership consists of a diverse range of communities and sectors including youth and sporting associations, civil society organisations, faith based groups, arts organisations, and volunteering and humanitarian groups.

The COMPACT Alliance provides ongoing support, information and advice on issues relating to COMPACT and its partners. It is a forum for sharing experiences and benefitting from shared learning from like-minded individuals and partners who are all committed to the Multicultural NSW COMPACT.

The COMPACT Alliance is a key component of the COMPACT “resilience” model.  In our program, “resilience” means proactively building and maintaining strong, cooperative, responsive networks the operate across communities and sectors and that can be mobilised to respond to challenges and threats to community harmony, resolve conflict, and actively promote social cohesion.  


How will the COMPACT program be monitored and evaluated? 

Successful COMPACT partnership proposals must demonstrate evidence for their approach and develop a comprehensive work plan, including a budget and plan for project-level evaluation.

Funded partners receive funding based on achievement of key milestones, with opportunities for interim evaluation and review. This allows for projects to be adaptive to evolving needs and issues.

Funded projects are also included as part of the COMPACT program-level evaluation. The COMPACT Program Evaluation Framework has been co-designed with COMPACT Alliance partners to capture the collective outcomes of COMPACT at the program level, including the parallel streams of activity occurring with the delivery of COMPACT projects for young people, and the joint activities of the COMPACT Alliance.