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COMPACT Evaluation

The $9.2m Community Partnership Action (COMPACT) Program builds community resilience in the face of hate, fear, violence and division.

In 2018, the NSW Government commissioned Urbis Pty Ltd to conduct an independent mid-way evaluation of the Multicultural NSW COMPACT Program, two years into the four-year program. We are pleased to note that the evaluation findings are positive.

The evaluation found COMPACT to be a first-of-its-kind initiative that has made significant progress towards its objectives of building social cohesion and community resilience over a relatively short period of time. The evaluation shows that:

  • COMPACT reached over 20,000 young people in its first two years, involving over 130 schools as well as youth and community centres.
  • Two-thirds of surveyed participants indicated that they have developed a greater level of acceptance and respect of others.
  • COMPACT also contributes to improved engagement in learning and greater community participation.

Congratulations to all our COMPACT partners for your valuable contribution to community harmony and for making COMPACT such a success. To read the three-page Snapshot report, click here.

To read the full report click here.

COMPACT evaluation report

The Point Magazine Evaluation

Between 2013 and 2017, Multicultural NSW published 41 issues of The Point Magazine (, including 324 stories on a wide range of issues covering local and international politics, religion, society, culture and technology. The Point Magazine aimed to provide accessible information, news and current affairs relating to violent extremism and its impacts on local communities in Australia, while also showcasing grassroots initiatives that are bringing communities together and promoting social cohesion. In November 2017, The Point Magazine reached a milestone of 100,000 readers and 200,000 page views.

In 2018 Horizon Research completed an independent evaluation of The Point Magazine..    The study found that The Point Magazine is unique, highly regarded and valued, with 97% of the sample reporting a very positive/positive view of the project. The Point Magazine was valued for being a direct voice from the grassroots, authentic stories and different viewpoints. It is considered a valuable resource for government personnel, community and youth workers, educators and others, helping them understand and engage with communities and informing government policy, programs and initiatives. To read more click here.

The Point Magazine evaluation report

Strategic Priorities

The Strategic Priorities drive the Vision of Multicultural NSW in the work that we do.  The three Strategic Priorities for Multicultural NSW are:

Strategic Priority 1: COMMUNITY
Strategic Priority 2: LANGUAGE
Strategic Priority 3: CAPABILITY

Harmony in Action

NSW is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse states in the world. I endorse this strategic plan as the means for making the most of our cultural advantage.

Harmony in Action

Refugee Settlement in Regional Areas: Evidence-based good practice

The Refugee Settlement in Regional Areas: Evidence-based good practice report draws upon several case studies from across Australia to consider what makes successful and sustainable regional refugee settlement. The report is about regional communities and refugees and about how they can each contribute to achieving the other’s objectives and in so doing, creating something of benefit for all.

Refugee Settlement in Regional Areas

Ideation 2015

The dangers of labelling and stereotyping people were debated by more than 200 students from NSW schools and youth organisations at Multicultural NSW's annual IDEATION 2015, on Wednesday 9 September.

2015 Ideation Report

2014 Symposium - Harmony in Action

This report is more than a record of our 2014 Symposium. The central theme, Harmony in Action, could not have been a more fitting description of the diversity and leadership displayed on the day. The keynote speakers, the workshop presenters and the 300 strong participants demonstrated that we have the capability, the energy and commitment to meet the many challenges confronting us now, as overseas conflicts intensify and draw us in as Australians.

2014 Symposium

Inquiry into the exploitation of people through trafficking, in all its forms in NSW

Human trafficking is a complex crime, which is often hidden and difficult to detect. People experiencing human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like conditions can be distrustful of authorities, fearful of deportation and threats of harm and unaware of their legal rights and protections in Australia. The Inquiry found that there is confusion about what ‘human trafficking’ means and little or no guidance for service providers, who may come into contact with trafficked people to help them respond appropriately.

Inquiry into the exploitation of people through trafficking, in all its forms in NSW

2014 Ideation - Inspiring Innovative Ideas

Nearly 150 students from schools and youth organisations around NSW converged at the Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre on Thursday 13 November 2014 for Multicultural NSW’s annual youth leaders’ day, IDEATION 2014. An energetic day of workshops and performances was guided by the theme INSPIRING INNOVATIVE IDEAS.

2014 Ideation Report