Working at Multicultural NSW

Working at Multicultural NSW
Working at Multicultural NSW

All available positions at Multicultural NSW are advertised on

Employment opportunities

Multicultural NSW is committed to equal employment opportunities, work health and safety, best practice multicultural principles and ethical work practices.

Applicants for permanent positions must be Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Applicants for temporary positions must be: Australian citizens or permanent residents or temporary residents with a current work visa.

Applicants are invited to contact the nominated contact officer, whose details will be in the advertisement, to obtain an information package. After receiving the information package, you may wish to ask questions relating to the position. The nominated contact officer will be only too happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as to provide background information relating to Multicultural NSW. Additional information is also available on this website or through I work for NSW.

Multicultural NSW employs staff covered by three awards:

  • Crown Employees (Public Sector Salaries 2015) Award
  • Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009
  • Crown Employees (Interpreters and Translators, Multicultural NSW) Award.

Application process

All vacant positions are advertised on the I work for NSW website and in various multicultural newspapers. You need to obtain an information package from us and submit your application addressing in full the application requirements as stated in the advertisement by the nominated closing date. We value the time you take in developing your application and will acknowledge receipt of all applications for employment.

A minimum of two people will form the selection panel. The panel will review all applications for a position and identify those that are shortlisted to progress to the selection stage of the recruitment process. The shortlisted applicants will be formally invited in writing to complete no less than three assessment events as part of a comparative assessment against the requirements of the role and any other shortlisted candidates. Your formal invitation will include all the instructions and information you will need to complete the assessment events. In addition, you will be advised of the names and roles of all panel members.

The selection panel will recommend for approval by the Agency Head, the most suitable applicant for the role. All other applicants will be advised if they have been successful or not at the conclusion of the selection process, once the approved candidate for the role has accepted an offer of employment.