The Waratah Awards

The Minister for Multiculturalism's awards for individuals that have demonstrated strong leadership in our state and have made a valuable contribution to community harmony and social cohesion in NSW.

  • Thuat Van Nguyen

Since arriving in Australia in 1989, Thuat Van Nguyen has endlessly served the community as a volunteer across numerous fundraising activities. In particular, Thuat initiated and lead the Multicultural Children’s Festival for the past 20 years. Thuat has also made a significant difference to the lives of young Vietnamese Australians.

  • Anh Nguyen

A refugee from Vietnam, Anh set about healing conflicts within the Southeast Asian migrant community in Cabramatta. He was instrumental in setting up the first Moon Festival in Cabramatta. Over a 30-year period Anh has impacted numerous young people through his work with the Scouts and Barnardos.

  • Eddie Whitham

Eddie is a Founder of Multicultural Tamworth and a member of Multicultural NSW’s New England North West Regional Advisory Council. Eddie is well known in his region for helping to settle some of the 86 nationalities that call Tamworth home, a role he has played for more than 20 years.

  • Steve Karakira

Steve has spent the past 44 years working as an interpreter and translator. He has an MA (Hons) in translating and has produced a thesis on translating legal texts and authored a book on health and medical interpreting. In his time as an interpreter, he has literally translated millions of words.

  • Fatma Mohamed

Fatma is a Kenyan-born Somali community worker and the Director of the Africultures Festival. The Africultures Festival is an annual festival showcasing the rich heritage and culture of Africa. Fatma’s work on the festival see her promoting the engagement of cross-cultural friendships, cultural identity and wider understanding within the Australian community.

  • April Pan

April is a Skill ME Project Manager at Metro Assist. The Skill ME project helps migrants who have skills and qualifications to find employment in NSW. As a result of April’s work with the project, many clients have had real chance of mastering English, making friends and finding work.