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Premier’s Fund For Social Cohesion

The Premier’s Fund for Social Cohesion is a small grants program that supports community-led events and activities that bring together people from diverse cultural backgrounds to discuss and celebrate diversity. It aims to build on the strengths of our multicultural society, develop stronger social cohesion and community resilience, particularly among young people (aged 12-25), and to inspire young people to stand up against the divisive forces of fear, hate and violence.

The Fund’s strategic priorities are to:

  • Encourage people to reflect on and celebrate the role of diversity in society
  • Promote intercultural and interfaith understanding, particularly among young people
  • Build positive cross-cultural networks
  • Empower people to speak about the value of diversity in society and to counter hateful and divisive messages

Who Can Apply?

The following organisations are eligible to apply for grants under the Premier’s Fund for Social Cohesion:

  • Schools* and school-affiliated Parents and Friends associations
  • Incorporated, community based non-government organisations

* Government organisations (including government schools) are ineligible to apply.

How Do I Apply?

You'll need to complete an online application, including a budget for the proposed event or activity and outline how it meets the overall aims of the grant program and at least one of it's strategic priorties.


Applications are now closed.


Funding Available

Grants of up to $20,000 are available.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Premier’s Fund for Social Cohesion, proposals must:

  • Be for an event or specific activity
  • Be for an event or activity located within NSW
  • Demonstrate how the project will meet the overall aims of the grant program and fulfil at least one of its strategic priorities
  • Specify the local government area and location where the event or activity will take place
  • Demonstrate how the project will measure outcomes in the context of social cohesion and community resilience
  • Demonstrate that the event or activity will take place and the funds spent within 12 months of receipt
  • Be cost effective, have an accurate budget and the capacity to acquit the funds within 12 months of receipt


Types of supported events and activities

Examples of events and activities that the fund may support include:

  • Debates and panel discussions
  • Forums and workshops that encourage young people and communities to develop and practise analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Opportunities for musical, cultural and artistic interaction and exchange


Excluded Activities

The following activities are excluded from receiving funding through the Premier’s Fund for Social Cohesion:

  • Activities or events that require ongoing funding
  • Activities or events that require partial funding from other government sources
  • Retrospective funding for activities or events that have already started or have been completed
  • Party political activities
  • Religious festivals, rituals, events or promotions except multi-faith events which involve people from more than one religion or religious sub-group
  • Celebration of national or independence days with the exception of Australia Day, Anzac Day, Clean Up Australia Day and NAIDOC Week
  • Events or activities that duplicate existing activities
  • Building works (including maintenance) and equipment purchases
  • Commercial or fundraising activities

Applications Now Closed

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